#drawing #homestuck #terezi

#drawing #homestuck #terezi

A story about a world where everyone has the ability to change one event in their lives. Said something stupid? You can take it back and say something better. Accidentally kill someone with your car? You can take it back, you were able to stop in time. Etc. But the thing is the characters in the film end up deciding to take something back that leads to something even worse in their lives and they have to live with it and becomes a huge market for people auctioning off their moment to take back and interesting things can happen.

Mini-bread bowls. Small bowls of soup that you pop in your mouth and eat in one bite sorta thing. Does this exist?

Spider-man movie idea
Had a dream the next spiderman movie was a CG animated movie starring a young, 12-15, year old tomboyish/gender ambiguous little girl as spiderman. There was also another bit older spiderman also a girl at like age 16-18. They were in a warehouse fighting the rhino guy, but in their costumes everyone thinks they're this super hero guy so the evil villains are fighting these spider men with all their might. The youngest is the original spiderman and this other older one is a new comer who's much more serious and calculated and the younger treats being a super hero like a game. The older is kinda mysterious and stuff but turns out they know each other in real life. Younger lives alone with her aunt who works with some kind of shelter or clinic that aids impoverished people. They themselves are very poor too but do what they can to get by and the young spiderman became a hero with her powers from the influence of her aunt while the reasons to keep her identity secret was influenced by her uncle. There's a strong bond there. Meanwhile the older spiderman is a loner and actually lives at the shelter. No family, fights crime for revenge on those who killed her parents... so she's colder about everything and doesn't care if the bad guys die or seriously get hurt but younger does care and sees the bad guys as people she needs to also help, just like her aunt helps seemingly bad guys at the shelter/clinic thing but in the end they're mostly just scared or drugged up or mental disorder or had bad influences, whatever. Movie would be based around themes of good and bad influences in ones life and how they can shape you and how you make your own choices in the best ways possible.
The spider that bit them was the same. The shelter is close to a lab and the spider got loose and bit the youngest. She tried to catch it and put it outside but failed at it and it ran away and eventually bit the older girl and she kills it, so you get their personalities early on. The older sees the first become spiderman and she decides to mimic this guy since they appear to have the same abilities and stuff. Youngest is in a brighter red and blue outfit while the other is in a very similar but more muted red and greyish outfit.
The two are fighting bad guys separately. Original is hailed as a hero and the authorities are suspicious of this masked guy. It's not until the older appears and starts being reckless and ruthless, letting people, bad guys and bystanders, get hurt or killed that the police pursue spiderman as a threat and now the city is divided between spiderman as a hero or vigilante. When the two meet it's usually while fighting a big bad guy like rhino and it breaks down to a struggle trying to stop older from hurting people and surviving the badguy's attacks.
The two girls eventually discover one another's' secrets and become good friends, sisters if you will and it's a heart warming ending and stuff.
This was a cool dream and I woke up in the dream and the movie existed then I woke up for real before typing this immediately and wasn't 100% sure if it was real or not but now I am and am sad, this should be a thing.


do u ever feel like a plastic bag

Why do crazy people wear tinfoil on their heads to mess with the government’s or whoever’s signals? I mean, didn’t people used to wrap TV and radio antennas in tinfoil to INCREASE the reception, not inhibit it? Think there’s a story in there somewhere. Crazy guy among crazy guys telling them to take off the tinfoil hats to save them or something. Or they’re not even crazy.

Sitcoms are typically about average people or families, no one important in history. Shows about the past typically revolve around a famous figure or type of person like royalty. There are even period piece sitcoms from decades past like 70’s Show and the Goldbergs and Do Over, and they’re just average people for the time. Why not a middle ages sitcom revolving around average people?

The silent k in words like knife and know is underappreciated.

Another dumb story idea, a drug kingpin, the number one in the city. Everyone wants his merch. The finest drugs ever. It makes everyone so happy no matter what, never any side effects either. But turns out he’s not a drug kingpin, he’s a candy kingpin. Like a mountain of opened up pixiesticks instead of a mountain of cocaine in his place, you know. And the candy is just making all these users happy like when getting candy as kids, but they don’t realize it. And a huge drug war, gang wars, are going on in the streets for control of the kingpin’s empire. But the kingpin doesn’t know this at first, he thinks he’s distributing delightful candy and repackaging it in a way to target the hardened, down on their luck youths in this crippled poverty and crime stricken city. Like kids buying syringes of heroine, why not syringes of liquid candy stuff? Those wrapped 7p bricks of cocaine, why not bricks of pixiesticks? I dunno, I have the stupidest ideas.

#barart #doodle thanks! For putting up with us drunks, blues last night

#barart #doodle thanks! For putting up with us drunks, blues last night